Robyn McJannet

Robyn likes puzzles, the more complicated and challenging the better. Which is good, because worker’s compensation is a puzzling industry. Having helped some of Canada’s largest employers solve their most complex claim concerns, Robyn is well prepared to assist you. Her commitment to her work and seeing things through to the end is legendary. With a desire to finish what she had started, Robyn headed back to school to secure her formal paralegal license. Not one to underachieve in school - spoiler alert - she graduated top of her class.

Most importantly, Robyn won’t get upset when you call her Janet. She may not even correct you because everyone does it. She just answers to it now.

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Michelle Windley

Michelle, what can we say about Michelle? She’s been working in this field since it was called the Workman’s Compensation Board. We could spend a lot of time listing her many accomplishments from then until now but honestly, if you’d like to know her history - call her. She’ll be happy to tell you where this industry has been, and more importantly, where she sees it going. She’s got some very interesting thoughts on the future of workers’ compensation that you’ll want to hear.

To answer your most pressing question, is she that “Michelle Windley”? The answer is yes, she is. More reason to pick up the phone and give her a call.

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